Ryan Hawk - A Father's Pursuit of Excellence

The Quarterback DadCast

Dec 30 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

As we release the final episode of 2021 and Season 2, today's episode will be dedicated to my father, Mike Jacox, who passed away peacefully and now is in a better place.

I'm honored to speak with Ryan Hawk, the host of the Learning Leader Podcast, sponsored by Insight Global. Ryan is also a very talented speaker, coach, and author. His new book, The Pursuit of Excellence, is available for pre-order and will be out in January! Thanks to Bill Burke for making this episode happen!

Ryan was a standout Quarterback at Ohio University and played professionally indoors with the Birmingham Steeldogs. He is a happily married husband and is the father of 5 girls, ranging from 14-7 years old! That is one busy dad! In this episode, you will hear how much love he has for his parents and the impact his father, Keith Hawk, had on his life.   He shares the power of how his parents taught them the model for what love is. He shared a great story of how he could speak at his father's retirement party, which was amazing to listen to. Ryan is a dad who is a lifelong learner and someone who embodies and loves leadership.   He is a dad who was taught that you must always leave something better than you found it.

Two highlights that stand out towards the end of this episode are as follows:

  • As a Dad, how am I adding value to the life of others?
  • As a Dad, how do I want to be remembered for? Do my daily actions align with the answer?

To learn more about Ryan and his upcoming book, please visit him at LearningLeader.com or follow up on LinkedIn.

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