Galan Ruelos - Culture, Faith & Special Olympics

The Quarterback DadCast

Dec 9 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

In this episode, we learn about the SUPER dad Galan Ruelos!  As a father of three kids, Galan and his wife put the word "busy" to the test!  He is the Chief Optimism Officer of Valor Marketing where they help all sorts of businesses with their digital marketing and social goals!  They are a top partner for Google and continue to provide excellent customer service to keep customers coming back time and time again.

Galan shares what a typical day looks like in this episode, which starts early each morning as he takes his oldest to private school.  They also have a 13-year-old son who has taken the opportunity to excel within Special Olympics and lastly their youngest who is found her passion with musical theatre.  You will also learn Galan's passion for his Filipino culture and his strong faith which was taught by his parents.  Recently, his family celebrated Filipino American History month which is nationally recognized in the month of October...So COOL!  Galan shares why being intentional and present is so important.  Lastly, Galan shares a great, heart-warming story of his daughter who learned the power of never giving up!

We had a blast in the lightning round as we talked about all things from music, food, golf, and his famous Filipino Old Fashioned cocktail!  You can learn more about Galan here on Linked In, follow him on the AskValorMasterMinds Podcast.

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