Joe Zeman - Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Dad

The Quarterback DadCast

Jan 13 2022 • 52 mins

Thank you to #CatchSitkaSeafoods and #AcmeHomesWA for your continued support!  Each episode in Season 3 is dedicated to my father, who passed away on Dec 29th, 2021.  Rest in Peace, Dad.

Thank you, Galan Ruelos, a former QB Dadcast guest, for making the introduction to our next guest, Joe Zeman.  Joe is the co-host of Ask Valor Minds and The Director of Awesomeness at Valor Marketing. Valor Marketing LLC is an online marketing company that helps businesses reach their goals with effective marketing strategies that are put together based on the goals of each business.

In today's episode, we learn about lessons from Joe who son just entered the #USARMYRanger program. Congratulations!  We hear about how Joe grew up middle class and how his father impacted him as a child.   We had a great discussion about leadership and the power of being loyal.  Additionally, we discussed the importance of patience, and we, as dads, must not be quick to speak!  We must choose to leave the BS at the door and ensure we don't bring anger into the house.

One of my favorite things Joe shared with me was the power of making 10 minutes a day to do something with your child that they enjoy.  Whether it's playing catch or talking about something, they want.  Make sure you make the time, Dads!   We wrap up with great wisdom from Joe, where he said:

  • Please support them!  Don't tell them!  Believe in them!
  • Be patient and don't always react.

To connect with Joe, you can visit their website, or check out their podcast where you consume your podcast episodes.

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