Eric Bloom - Author, TEDx speaker, ITML Institute

The Quarterback DadCast

Sep 30 2021 • 51 mins

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Today's episode only happens due to the support from Pat Randall who introduced me to our next guest, Eric Bloom. As you will hear, Eric is an author, TEDx speaker, and the Executive Director of the ITML Insitute.   I always love speaking with fathers who have raised kids into adults and now have grandchildren, which means, we younger dads will receive WISDOM!  Eric is a dad who always worked hard to attend every event, and also was passionate about working the mind and the body to be the best version of yourself!

With two kids, and four grandchildren, Eric shares that he always strived to teach kids not to take their baggage forward.  Additionally, he always taught them to push to the finish, no matter what the activity or goal was.  He also shares the importance of treating kids fairly, but different to meet them where they are with their own strengths and weaknesses.

To learn more about Eric, you can follow him on Linked In or check out ITMLinstitute.org which is one of the top 10 leadership programs available stated by CIO.com.

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