Bill Burke - Michigan State QB - Gratitude, Value & Football

The Quarterback DadCast

Oct 21 2021 • 1 hr 6 mins

Today's episode is packed with wisdom, stories, humility, and gratitude!  I sat down with the legendary Michigan State Quarterback, Bill Burke, to talk football and fatherhood!  Bill is the Director of Business & Community Affairs for Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood Real Estate, which creates outstanding experiences at every point of contact.  Bill is also the host of the DropBaq Podcast, where I was fortunate to be a guest on his show too!

Bill is the father of two athletic kids and learned the value of hard work from his hardworking parents, who always taught him to finish what you start.  Bill shares his stories of playing quarterback for Coach Nick Saban and tells a fantastic story of a teachable lesson about attention to detail and the slight edge while playing for him. Coach Saban shared a great piece of advice that Bill now shares with his kids, "outcomes are distractions," which allows them to focus on the process.  We finished the lightning round in a fun fashion, but before that, we talked about his goal to improve patience (like many of us dads) and also that everything doesn't need to be a teachable moment.

To learn more about Bill, you can follow up on IG at @billburke_16 or @dropbaq.