A Different Side of the PTCG Community: The Legacy League ft. ADarkLegacy & Phurion - Breaking, Giveaways, Twitch Streaming & More!

Gust of Wind - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Mar 16 2023 • 2 hrs 53 mins

Today, st00ben and Gazerbeam are joined by the founding fathers of the Twitch Stream Team, Legacy League: Phurion & ADarkLegacy! Both of these streamers have amazing communities and an interesting dynamic together, that a lot of the broader side of the Pokémon TCG is missing out on! Between Pack Breaks and Giveaways, these guys have you covered! We talk about their beginnings, their love of Pokémon and more!

Also, if you listen to the whole episode, there's a MASSIVE Surprise for the community!


  • Phurion's Pokemon:

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