Encore Stealing Fire: harness rare states of consciousness to solve critical challenges and outperform the competition

Humanity Evolve!

Jan 21 2021 • 54 mins

Steven Kotler's 20yrs of work training individuals and organizations in the use of flow—a non-ordinary state of consciousness with a long track record of improving performance- he discovered that these same people had been regularly utilizing a far wider range of altered states to help them heal trauma, boost creativity, augment collaboration, and tap into a level of insight and inspiration unachievable any other way. They couldn’t resist the opportunity to fully explore it for the first time and to open-source our findings so all can share in the benefits. Developments in four fields—psychology, neurobiology, pharmacology, technology—have helped us decode this phenomenon with science. As a result, people are gaining access to an unheard-of level of mental and physical performance. Studies show that altered states boost motivation and creativity nearly 400 percent, while cutting learning times in half. This proven revolution in human possibility will impact and improve all lives.