Encore: Mindfulness and Breath Training: manage stress in the moment

Humanity Evolve!

Aug 8 2017 • 55 mins

What can people do, in the moment, to decrease stress and perform at their best? Transforming stress and anxiety can be a simple as taking a mindful breath. In a moment, stress is reduced while continued practice of this technique delivers long term overall health benefits. In a conversation with Dr. Neema Moraveji, Co-founder/Chief Scientist at Spire, we review the breath and mindfulness practice and feedback technology proven to decrease stress and increase productivity. We will talk about the latest research and study findings in this area. Plus, he will lead you through the breathing technique that transforms the physiology of stress and anxiety to enable you to be calm and focused. Health Professionals, world wide, adopt technologies and techniques that positively impact the lives of millions. Neema shares his studies on how interactive products can mitigate the damaging affects of stress through augmented self-regulation. You can feel and perform better in a moment.