The Amber Weitzer Podcast | Silhouettes of Success

Dec 23 2020 • 31 mins

She's the a shining example of intentional inspiration! As Dr. Claudia Beeny shares her Silhouette of Success with us you will see what I mean. Dr. Claudia K. Beeny has spent more than thirty years working in education, igniting the energy and passion of others. After a successful career in higher education, Claudia left her role to start House of Shine, a non-profit that helps people discover what makes them unique and how to leverage their Shine for the good of their community. Claudia and her team write K-12 curriculum, develop teaching tools, facilitate school assemblies and leadership experiences, and provide custom workshops to people of all ages. House of Shine is opening a physical location in Grapevine, TX in August of 2020 that will lead visitors on a magical journey to self discovery through experiential, hands on exhibits.House of Shine holds monthly “Rise and Shine” workshops for women as well as custom workshops for a roster of clients that includes Make a Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts of American and The Young Women’s Preparatory Network. Claudia is the co-author of Building a Strong Involving Community (BASIC), a workbook utilized by many in higher education and beyond, for understanding and developing astrong sense of community and reaping the inherent benefits. She is a 2017 recipient of the Legacy of Women Award from SafeHaven of Tarrant County.  Claudia is an experienced keynote speaker who has delivered presentations for corporate clients, educational agencies and nonprofit organizations.