You're wrong about the metaverse. With Tom Ffiske

The Spatial Reality Podcast

Nov 11 2022 • 21 mins

The Immersive Wire is an essential read, a twice-weekly analysis of the latest news in AR/VR and the metaverse. For those of you who don’t know the newsletter, here’s an elevator pitch: If you’re struggling to keep up with developments in the AR/VR space, or you’re feeling tired of the same old venture-backed marketing hype, The Immersive Wire is your solution.

The man behind the newsletter, Tom Ffiske, is a thought leader with a uniquely high-level view of the industry. When we caught up with him recently, we discussed common misconceptions about AR/VR, why most of us are wrong about the metaverse, and how an interview with Carol Baskin helped highlight a necessary truth — and a big problem — with the state of AR/VR technology today.