I am Able (Audio)

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The goal of our podcast is to bring awareness and acceptance to our communities when working with, educating, and living with people of all abilities.
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IaA 16 - Meet the Host
Jan 12 2022
25 mins
IaA 16 - Meet the HostIaA 15 - Music Therapy FundamentalsIaA 14 - Early Intervention from a Physical Therapist's PerspectiveIaA 13 - An Occupational Therapist Explains Early InterventionIaA 12 - A mother of a premature child discusses her unusual birth experienceIaA 11 - A Teen Advocate for Tourette SyndromeIaA 10 - A Mother Shares her Journey Raising a Daughter with Tourette SyndromeIaA 9 - Occupational Therapist who works in NICU with Premature BabiesIaA 8 - Challenges of Finding the Perfect School for an Autistic StudentIaA 7 - Non-verbal teenager on the Autism spectrum shares his experience going to schoolIaA 6 - Teaching Styles for Autistic VS. Emotionally Disabled StudentsIaA 5 - How the SGPD Handle Mental Health CrisisIaA 4b - Girls Have Autism Too!IaA 4a - Father Shares his Journey Raising a Daughter with AutismIaA 3 - An Adult with Disabilities Shares her Devotion for TeachingIaA 2 - A Day in the Life of a Client Empowered by Transition Adult Services (TAS)IaA 1 - Autistic Musician Shares Music, Passion, & Job Coach Support