Does Your Stomach Pain Just Not Go Away?

Wonder Why

Dec 20 2023 • 16 mins

Do you have stomach pain that just doesn’t go away? You’ve tried different diets, different foods, exercising but yet your stomach still feels like it’s twisting and turning.

With a symptom like stomach pain it can be so many things but a common overlooked root cause is simply just stress.

On today’s episode of Wonder Why, Robyn Goldberg, a registered dietitian, shares with us a story of a man no matter what he ate he would have stomach discomfort. His journey led him to a doctor who recommended antibiotics which cured the bad bacteria in his gut but eventually the same stomach pain returned.

Robyn for the last twenty-five years has developed her own private practice in Los Angeles, CA, where she specializes in medical conditions, disordered eating, eating disorders, Health at Every Size, pre-pregnancy nutrition, and people in recovery. She is a contributing author and is a nationally and internationally known registered dietitian nutritionist. She has been quoted in over a dozen publications and has appeared on national television as the eating disorder expert on The Insider. Robyn is the author of the book The Eating Disorder Trap: A Guide for Clinicians and Loved Ones, Co-author of the online course Your Recovery Resource and the host of the podcast The Eating Disorder Trap.

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