FAST Founder Series: Season 1

Jul 27 2022 • 36 mins

Lynkwise, a startup based in Windhoek, Namibia, is the first company to completely digitize a manual industry. Lynkwise aims to give banks, insurers, and tech companies an easy alternative to collections via direct payroll integration. Any financial institution, any payroll, any employee.

This #africastartup is used by the largest banks and insurance companies in Africa, thus changing the way Africans used financial services. Learn more about their Payroll Deduction Management Platform which has a three-sided benefit: Employees, Employers, and Institutions in this episode.

Lynkwise was chosen out of 800+ startups to participate in the FAST Accelerator Program, built to upskill startup companies' teams, find customers, hire talent, build with AI, and raise funds, quickly and sustainably. We had the pleasure of hosting the CEOs and Cofounders, Ryan Penderis and Sean Penderis as they share Lynkwise's mission to digitally transform Africa's financial services. future goals, and experience under the FAST Accelerator program.

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FAST Founder Series is designed to amplify the stories of startups from across Africa, share how their founders are leveraging technology to scale sustainable operations, foster a global community of entrepreneurs, and inspire innovators all over the world.

FAST Founder Series is presented by FAST Accelerator, an Africa-focused startup accelerator program from Flapmax and Microsoft.