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Music's Elite Seat // Episode 13  // Tony Succar
Jun 27 2021
Music's Elite Seat // Episode 13 // Tony Succar
Tony Succar is a two-time Latin GRAMMY award-winning artist, producer and composer/arranger. Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Miami, Florida, Succar earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Performance from Florida International University in 2008 and his master’s degree in 2010. In 2018, Tony was nominated for the Latin GRAMMY for Best Tropical Song, “Me Enamoro Más de Ti.” He received four nominations in 2019 for his album, Más de Mi, winning Producer of the Year and Best Salsa Album and making history as the youngest winner to ever win both categories. Tony went on to direct and produce his documentary  "MAS DE MI," chronicling his journey from unknown indie artist to Latin Grammy winner, which he released in May 2021, in tandem with his new album “Live in Peru.” Tony has also produced, co-directed, and is featured leading the Raíces Jazz Orchestra in the documentary “Roots of Latin Jazz,”, which premieres on PBS in July 2021. His musical diversity is well-known in the industry, having worked with an impressive array of talented artists, including Tito Nieves, India, Jon Secada, Marc Anthony, Sheila E., Arturo Sandoval, Judith Hill, and Obie Bermudez, among others. His latest single "Tu Mejor Equivocación," is a collaboration with Tik Tok sensation  YX that fuses Salsa and Trap sounds. Tony’s debut album, UNITY: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson, had tremendous success, reaching Billboard’s #1 Tropical Album Music Chart, iTunes' #1 World Latin Chart, and also became a primetime PBS special. In 2021, Tony was elected to the Latin Grammy Board of Governors for the South Florida area. For more information: - Thank you so much Gabriel for setting up, and a MASSIVE thank you to Tony for being so cool, kind and incredible. I hope you all enjoy! [Episode Recorded In 2021]
Music's Elite Seat // Episode 6 // Ben Cohn
Mar 7 2021
Music's Elite Seat // Episode 6 // Ben Cohn
[MISSING INTRO] How is the show going? It’s going great…you know, we’re rolling, we’re heading towards a year, which is unbelievable. It’s going great! We have lots of new cast members on the horizon and things like that… Yeah! There’s a cast change coming up, right? Ben Platt being one of the major changes… Yeah, so Ben leaves November 19th is his last show and we’ve got like an interim Evan Hansen in between I guess like November to January-ish, and then we have a full time one coming in January. That great! So, talking in almost major steps, how did you get to the position you’re in now? Well… it’s been a long journey [Laughs]. I came here for grad school mainly and while I was there I worked as a pianist and, you know, anything from auditions to classes, to working with individual actors and performers and musicians and things like that. Just any kind of freelance work with any musician I could, and, you know, I sort of built up a reputation as I went and then started to slowly get different jobs, and I started subbing in to orchestras and bands on Broadway and then sort of slowly made my way in to a permanent position at Wicked…I was there for a very long time…and then Dear Evan Hansen was actually something I was working on over the past few years, they brought me in early on during readings and workshops, and then just stayed with it, and then when time came for it to go to Broadway, I sort of had to make the decision whether to leave Wicked and do it, and I did, and here I am. That’s the quick version [Laughs]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ben Cohn is one of the top Musical directors on Broadway today currently the MD for the highly acclaimed, 6 time Tony Award winning musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. Having previously spent 10 years at Wicked on Broadway, Ben has many incredible stories and advice for many wanting to go into similar careers. I caught up with Ben from his home in New York just after an evening performance of Dear Evan Hansen.  [Episode Recorded In 2017]