Rouge Waves and Becoming Unfuckwithable

Team Engineered Podcast

Feb 20 2022 • 34 mins

Brace yourself. A rogue wave is upon us.

It’s the ironic answer to, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

When your team is occupied with the hustle and bustle of completing a project, this wave can unexpectedly emerge, and it can either ruin everything or take you to greater heights that you didn’t know you could reach.

The challenge you faced today won’t be the biggest one in your life.

Just like a doomsday prepper, establishing plans and expecting the worst will make you unfuckwithable.

Tune in to this new Team:Engineered show — Rogue Waves and Becoming Unfuckwithable

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:05:41] Jade Green chooses to ride the wave. Instead of getting consumed by self-blame and lashing out at others, just learn to roll with it. “What’s done is done. What’s not here isn’t here.” You can prevent a meltdown and complete destruction of your day just by figuring out ways to calm yourself as the rogue wave crashes onto you.

[00:07:04] Kyle Probert encourages pausing and re-centering. “What’s the best solution? What’s our objective?” Taking a breath, accepting what has happened, and asking the right questions can help with mental clarity and reaching a resolution.

[00:12:25] Always have a Plan B and expect the worst. When accomplishing projects with a team, you’ll eventually run into a rogue wave at some point. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to set up multiple backup plans - from B to Z - and foresee any bumps in the way of your goals.

[00:18:42] Thrive in the chaos. Kyle Probert delights in fast-paced and chaotic situations. Working under pressure pushes him to do his best and creatively solve problems. Jade Green also emphasizes the importance of trust among teammates and relinquishing control.

[00:22:40] You have the grit to overcome it. Kyle Probert and Jade Green give advice on different methods that team leaders can utilize to teach grit and resilience to their members. No matter what stressful situation life brings, people have the ability to stick it out - mind over matter - center their breathing, and push through the wave.

[00:24:44] Have mental preparation. Becoming unfuckwithable requires practice. Jade Green encourages leaders to partake in the experience of taking an ice bath. Training one’s grit through such methods strengthens our minds and teaches us resilience for even more uncomfortable circumstances.

[00:34:12] Build connections through a shared tough experience. Just like comrades in a war, you and your team can strengthen fellowship by overcoming a challenging ordeal together. Going bungee jumping or surfing, finishing a gargantuan task, and taking cold showers can be ways to nourish and reinforce camaraderie among members.



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