The History of Marvel Studios

Yet Another MCU Podcast

Sep 29 2020 • 21 mins

Bonus Phase. Episode 2. We're back for one more short bonus episode to talk about the rise of Marvel Studios. From its humble beginnings when it was purchased by Avi Arad and Toy Biz to the approval of David Maisel's pitch to take out a massive $525 million dollar loan from Merril Lynch, with the rights to characters as collateral. Holy crap! What did they do?! Don't worry. Pat Whalen walks you through the early years, while Michael Field provides zero insight whatsoever except trying to figure out how many people will end of playing Spider-Man when its all said and done. But we all know, Marvel Studios is only just beginning. You can find us on https://www.instagram.com/yetanothermcupodcast/ (Instagram) and we're also part of the https://www.forgottenentertainment.com/yet-another-mcu-podcast (Forgotten Entertainment family.)