Conversation with Terrie Rolands

Wellevate Life Podcast

Feb 15 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

2022’s first guest comes with a fresh perspective, experiences & who loves celebrating oneness, Terrie Rolands is a name synonymous with Vortex Healing.

Terrie’s story for how she got into Vortex is an interesting one. While working in the corporate for the longest time, her stress-induced life showed her the path of Reiki which lead to exploring this wonderful form of energy medicine, known as Vortex Healing. She then realized that Vortexhealing was the” missing” puzzle, being an ancient energetic artform gifted to humanity to promote both Healing and Awakening.

She has been a Vortex healing teacher since 2012, one of six Vortex healing teachers in the world. Terrie and her husband Joe (also a high-level Vortex student) travel to various countries where they facilitate healing sessions together in addition to Terrie teaching Vortex Healing classes in person and online via Zoom.

In this episode we discuss

  • Terrie’s Life Journey and what drew her to Vortex Healing
  • How does faith play a big role in experiencing Energy healing techniques
  • Dr. Nas’s POV on the importance of opening up scientifically towards the Energy healing techniques
  • What is Divine?
  • How is Vortex Healing different from other energy healing techniques?
  • Irina’s personal experience with Energy Healing
  • Does staying in the enlightened state pressurise Terrie in any way?
  • Terrie’s view on the Sub conscious
  • Are all healing sessions different?
  • Vortex healing sessions for UAE

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