Conversation with Edward Esko

Wellevate Life Podcast

Aug 3 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Edward Esko is one of the world's leading holistic educators on the macrobiotic way of life. He studied with Michio Kushi for many years and has served as Executive Director of the East-West Foundation in Boston and Director of Education and Dean of Faculty of the Kushi Institute of the Berkshires.

He has personally counselled and guided thousands of people towards improving health through the macrobiotic diet. He has lectured in over a dozen countries and authored or edited more than twenty books, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Yin & Yang: How Change Changes, and Lightfood: Eating for Consciousness & Enlightenment

His latest book, Lightfood: Eating for Consciousness & Enlightenment is a ground-breaking book. He introduces the concept of food as a manifestation of energy. He explains how plant foods, and especially cereal grains, represent crystallised sunlight and how the human body uses that energy to create mind and consciousness.

In this Episode we discuss

  • What Drew Edward Esko in the world of Macrobiotic world
  • Edward’s view on different Dietary movements
  • What was the main reason behind Evolution of human brain, Fish and Meat or Plant based diets?
  • Is the Macrobiotic principle a mandate to go vegan?
  • What exactly is a Macrobiotic Lifestyle
  • The significance of Yin Yang in Macrobiotic lifestyle
  • The role of Fermented food in our Health
  • Consuming cellular memory of animals while consuming meat
  • Edward’s idea of Food Karma
  • Edward’s Geographical take on consumption of spices
  • Fad diets vs Macrobiotic diets
  • How does Astrology play a role in Macrobiology
  • Why should Americans limit their mango and banana consumption