Conversation with Dr. William Li

Wellevate Life Podcast

Nov 23 2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Our guest today was named by Bono from U2 as the top 10 to watch for in the coming decade “with the potential to change the world.”
Dr William W. Li, MD- Food, Health and Disease Expert & Founder of Angiogenesis Foundation. Globally recognized author, leader, scientist and physician known for revolutionary theories of disease prevention through the power of eating right. His groundbreaking book, Eat to Beat Disease, is a New York Times best-seller and holds “the potential to change the world".

He Produced a TED Talk “Can we eat to starve cancer?” which amassed a staggering 11 million views and regarded as one of the most captivating talks ever given.

He has the reputation of making anyone he meet’s a CEO of their own health and he stands with one foot in the known universe of medicine and with the other foot in medicine's future.
While advocating angiogenesis, ne of his first priorities is to systematically study whole, unprocessed foods using laboratory assays that have been used traditionally for drug discovery.
Wellevate Life is honoured to talk to Dr. William Li

In this episode we discuss:

  • Journey of Dr. William Li and his meeting with Bono
  • What does Angiogenesis mean
  • Dr. Li’s thoughts on Food as a medicine
  • What is a Food Dose
  • Effects of Purple Potatoes on Microbiome
  • Dr.Li’s recommendations on a good lifestyle
  • Does beer help in improving your health?
  • Effect of Soil quality on the food we consume and the need of supplements
  • Frozen foods vs Fresh farm foods
  • Effects of Dark Chocolate on your body
  • What’s better with Chocolate, Vegan Milk vs Cow Milk
  • Dr. Li’s take on Complementary medicines
  • Alternatives to Chemotherapy
  • Dr. Li’s 5 favourite foods
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Green Tea
    • Tomatoes
    • Capers
    • Kiwi

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