Conversation with Vinnay Nasta

Wellevate Life Podcast

Aug 31 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

A Dubai Resident since 1993, @vinnaynasta is an experienced 9 star ki/fengshui consultant, a crystal sound therapist & holistic workshop organiser. Vinnay is regular expert contributor leading media channels. With a unique sensibility, his advanced training in multiple disciplines and twenty-five years as a teacher and workshop facilitator, he is able to apply this integrated perspective to synthesise the roots of this science-art into practical, easy-to-apply solutions for spaces.
Founder of “@thelaughingbuddhaa ”, a pioneer in crystal healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy, and energy balancing. In Vinnay’s consulting, common-sense groundedness and integrative perspective are fused with FengShui principles to keep functionality at the foreground. His creative and subtle approach enables him to make suggestions that incorporate energetic balance, aesthetic alignment, and practicality in a way that resonates with the client’s individual style. His ease in working with both a big-picture overview and the most precise details of a space enables him to help his clients optimise their home and professional properties. Cleanse your Energy through FengShui

In this Episode we discuss

  • Vinay’s Journey so far & how did Vinay’s Exposure towards holistic & alternative healing techniques start
  • Fengshui and how is it different from Vastu Shastra
  • General Principles and rules followed while building a house using Fengshui.
  • Fengshui Dos and Don’ts while buying/ building a house
  • What can you do in a Lounge area to make it more Fengshui friendly
  • What can hospitals and doctors do to make their spaces more Fengshui friendly
  • Importance of individualising senses.
  • Vinay Nasta does a Live 9 Star Ki analysis for Dr. Nas
  • Difference Between 9 Star Ki and Vedic Astrology
  • How does Aroma Therapy help in problems like Anxiety, sleeplessness, Stress etc.
  • How regularly should the Aroma oil infuser containers be cleaned?
  • Things you should be careful about while buying Aroma therapy oil.
  • What are incenses are how are they made?
  • Things you should be careful about while buying incense sticks
  • Why are incenses significant at spiritual places?
  • Why do we blow candles on birthday?
  • What are crystals and how are they significant
  • How does sound healing work?
  • The Power of Decluttering