Navigating Healing and Ego in Mother-Daughter Relationships

The Mother Daughter Journey

Jun 28 2023 • 45 mins

This week, Abigail and I explore two major components of our mother-daughter journey. The impact they have on the mother-daughter relationship is significant. I would venture to say on any relationship, but here we talk about the mother-daughter one. Join us as we jump into healing and ego.

We peel back the layers of pain, scars, and learned behavior that have impacted our relationship. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve realized that healing is crucial to our journey. Get ready for some “real talk”, personal stories, and how we embraced the healing process together.

We also dive headfirst into ego and how it affects the way we connect. It brings defensiveness, judgment, and the constant struggle to be right. Don’t worry, ego can be tamed. It’s all about embracing imperfections and finding common ground. So, we do our best to check our ego at the door when navigating our relationship.

Guess what? Our journey is far from over, healing and ego work are ongoing processes, and so are we!

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