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Hello and welcome to The Murder Project. This is a podcast designed to feed the continuing need we true crime addicts crave. People like us have a curiosity that never truly shuts down. Like a record that has played its last song but continues to spin. Every so often giving a audible bump. That bump is what keeps me up at night. That bump is what keeps us looking into case file after case file. As a former law enforcement professional , I’ll bring the insights , criticisms, and questions regarding cases current and past. Staring straight down the middle, we will discuss murder, missing persons, and misconduct. We will talk about the facts, the theories and the unknown. Join me, Justin Crowley, as we take a journey through the true crime universe . You never know, maybe someday I’ll tell your story………… read less
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Murder Mystery or Suicide? The Death of Jessica Johnson Part 1
Apr 21 2022
Murder Mystery or Suicide? The Death of Jessica Johnson Part 1
This week we are going to be covering the mysterious death of Jessica Johnson. The reason it is such a mystery is because of the divide in how people think Jessica met her unfortunate death. Police are going to rule this as a suicide, and it looks like the public is taking the opinion it was a murder. How could we have such a difference in opinion? Well, the investigation appears to have some large holes in it as well as mistakes. Plus, we find ourselves in a situation where we go to look for evidence that has disappeared. Jessica was last seen alive on June 1, 2017 and was found tied or hung (depending on opinion) to a mailbox on June 2, 2017. We have some suspicious characters and events involved and that leaves most of us with a lot of unanswered questions. In this weeks 'sode, Justin will give you the details and be looking for the debrief that will drop the following week where Justin and Mike break the case down further. The upcoming debrief will be a deep dive into the crime scene and investigation.If you are still reading this, please subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or whatever platform you are listening on that has it available. If you are listening on Apple Podcast, hit that subscribe button, leave us a review, and hit that 5 stars. Please and thank you.Sources for this episode include:Suicide or murder: What happened to Jessica Johnson? | Truecrimedaily.comJessica Johnson Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her? Update (