Health On A Humble

Lenice Hill-Williams, Nour!shment

Do you live with a chronic condition? Do you suffer with pain, inflammation and the feeling that your body is the enemy?

Then welcome home. Come on in and hear our reminder that the small steps taken every single day can lead to big changes.

We share humble approaches to improve your well being that you can rush to implementing. We know that when you trust us to love on yourself a little differently that you'll see results.

Our aim is to foster your resilience so that you can move past surviving and get to thriving.

Our host, Lenice Hill-Williams as a Resilience Strategist knows what you're going through. She lives with multiple chronic illnesses and is on the path to thriving and decided to share the things that have been improving her health outcomes.

As Chief Nour!shing Officer of Nour!shment, she focuses on feeding people what they need to improve their body, mind, soul, and spirit.

It is our hope that when you listen, execute and see results that you return again and again, for more knowledge to stack your habits, elevate your self care routine and improve your life.

We also hope that you'll share your success with our humble approach with others and recommend them to listen, rate, and review our commute sized podcasts.

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