Special Encore Presentation: Be Safe Not Sorry: Consumer Industry Dialogue

People to People: Working Together for Your Safety

Sep 29 2015 • 56 mins

On June 23 2014, Homeland Security Investigations just finished an investigation to conclude that the department seized $37 million worth of counterfeit of National Football League-related products amid Super Bowl XLVIII this year. The very same day, a Maine company has pleaded guilty to manufacturing and trafficking of counterfeited apparel bearing the trademarks of the New York Yankees, Harley Davidson, John Deere, Jack Daniels, Orange County Choppers, and Playboy. Employees designed counterfeit trademarks, created screens from which the trademarks could be printed on apparel items, and printed the counterfeit trademarks on those items. This news update is one of many we see daily about products on our shelves that are not what they seem. Do we know the risks, and how can we protect ourselves? Join our host, Stan Salot Jr. and our Production Manager, Julia Kocs, as they discuss the issues of counterfeits and toxins from the perspective of the consumer.