Special Encore Presentation: Counterfeit Avoidance Technologies

People to People: Working Together for Your Safety

Jul 28 2015 • 59 mins

According to FBI, Interpol, World Customs Organization and International Chamber of Commerce estimates, roughly 7-8% of world trade every year is in counterfeit goods. That is the equivalent of as much as $512 billion in global lost sales, many of them as a result of counterfeit goods coming into the U.S. undetected. Faced with the complex and growing phenomenon of counterfeiting, global action is necessary. In order to mitigate this costly and widespread problem, the World Customs Organization (WCO) has launched IPM Connected, a global network of track and trace and authentication communication tool that helps right holders to cooperate with customs administrations. This week, join our host, Stan Salot and his guests, Mr. David Chandler of WCO and Matthew R. Shindell from Goldberg Segalla, to discuss the innovative ways industry is helping us address our common safety.