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Vertical Church Columbus

Weekly sermons and other life-giving biblical teaching from Vertical Church, a family of believers located in Columbus, Ohio and led by Pastor Luke Ahrens. Visit our website at verticalchurch.life.

Truth and Grace on Divorce and RemarriageHow God Restores Your SoulAssumptions Buster, Gospel EditionReal World Savvy, Applied to Eternal PrioritiesA Life-Altering 72 HoursExperiencing the Presence of God, DailyGrowing Together as a Grace CommunityThe Gospel, Implications, and Necessary Overflow into Compelling WitnessLife Together in Trinitarian CommnunityInfluencing My Family by Giving the BlessingBlessedness from DelightRedemptive Parenting: Launch Pad of the BlessingThe Pain of Living Outside the Blessing4 Decisions That Will Define the Legacy of Your ParentingExperiencing Both Vertical and Horizontal BlessingThe Biggest Family Asset: The Blessing of the LordSpiritual Leadership That Nurtures Legendary FaithHow to Pursue a Beautiful Marriage by FaithThe Second Most Important Faith DecisionThe Heart of God for Lost Sinners