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Kellie Haddock — Song for the Refugee
Oct 3 2019
Kellie Haddock — Song for the Refugee
Our next guest is Kellie Haddock. Kellie is a singer, songwriter, wife, and mom. A former widow, Kellie has lived through tragedy and found hope and joy on the other side. Her music draws from real-life stories of beauty, heartache, hope and the celebration of life. You might recognize her from The Thank You Project, a short film on finding gratitude after tragedy. This short film has over 150 million views and has been featured on The TODAY Show, and other national and international media outlets. As a full-time musician, Kellie has performed in Iraq, Israel, China and across the U.S., offering music that engages the soul in all of its beauty and vulnerability.  In this episode, Kellie shares her heart and passion for music with us. We talk about the creative process of writing “Song For The Refugee” as a responded to the gravity of the heartbreaking situation migrant families are experiencing at our southern border. Kellie shares how Song For The Refugee can be a tool to further amplify our voice on behalf of those in need. Feel free to download and share this song with your friends and family as we stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable currently on the US and Mexico border.  You can also check out Kellie's latest full-length album Peace on Earth, a 'socially conscious' Christmas album that speaks straight to the heart of our struggles. This music is infused with hope and longing to help bring peace on earth and to every heart that hears it. Pre-orders begin October 18th and it will be available everywhere November 1st.