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S1E5 - Disappointing DCOM Dump
May 20 2021
S1E5 - Disappointing DCOM Dump
After a short hiatus, Josh and Noelle are back for more! For our fifth episode, we are diving deep into the bowels of Disney Channel Original Movies to bring you a special episode where we discuss 5 of their biggest misfires! It’s time for a Disappointing DCOM Dump! We will be talking about the following films: Horse Sense’s ugly stepsister, Ready to Run (2000); 90 minutes of Hawaiian background noise, Rip Girls (2000); Disney's Guide To Murder starring Banana Enthusiast Kirk Cameron, You Lucky Dog (1998); Disney’s Benjamin Button contract fulfillment for Tahj Mowry, The Poof Point (2001); and one of the most dull films of all time, 2001’s The Jennie Project! We rate all 5 of these flops from least painful to most painful—though a convincing defense mounts for one film that ranks as a personal favorite. What ‘science experiment gone haywire’ DCOM movies are better than The Poof Point (spoiler alert: all of them)? Which DCOM is the equivalent of “Nothing” in Perks of Being a Wallflower? Which of your two hosts has a unique story about meeting Tahj Mowry that’s at least 10x more entertaining than the film itself? Find out what’s in store for future episodes, and why Disney Channel Original Movies hold such a special place in our hearts, as we ‘Rip Girl’ into these duds. We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email to podmisadventure@gmail.com or visit us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Support Throwback Misadventures by donating to their Tip Jar: Throwback Misadventures by contributing to their Tip Jar: podcast is powered by Pinecast.