Episode 1: Why Podcast?

Fart Fetish Podcast

Jan 7 2022 • 25 mins

In this first ever episode of the Fart Fetish Podcast, I lay out my reasons for wanting to make a podcast on this topic. One reason is the desire to control the conversation around this fetish especially in relation to the media where articles or other podcasts have covered eproctophilia with much less nuance and sometimes much less respect. It’s my desire with this podcast to show that fetishists are normal people and the few loud creeps do not represent the community as a whole.

Another reason for doing the podcast is that fart fetish is not currently considered notable enough for the websites of record like Wikipedia so there’s not a good place to share information about this fetish. I also spend some time urging all of us to move towards comfort and self-acceptance in being able to talk about this fetish with trusted partners and friends. Speaking out openly about this fetish is how we normalize it and it’s also how we find the partner we want.

And frankly, I’ve reached the nothing to lose stage of my life so I want to use that energy for the potential betterment of us all. Hopefully I’ll help myself too along the way.

I spend time discussing some of the discourteous framing used by reputable news outlets like Huffpost when covering eproctophilia. I also talk about my desire to build a real community around this fetish and podcast, an introspective niche looking to dig into this fetish and the psychology around it. I also read from the Psychology Today article by Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. covering the only known fart fetish case study he conducted of a pseudonymous fetishist named ‘Brad.’

I’m sorry that the recording is a little rough on this episode, I really jumped into recording this episode without taking some necessary steps to keep the audio as clean and professional as possible.

Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info

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