Episode 6: Interview with Dil

Fart Fetish Podcast

Jun 3 2022 • 1 hr 25 mins

Dil talks to us about a community history he has written called ‘A Brief History of the Fart Community’ which tracks some of the progression of the fetish over the years mostly within the sphere of the gay eproctophilia community. The defunct website MaleAssRippers is one of the sites heralded as part of the Golden Age of the gay fart community. He also shares some insights about how the fetish differs between straight and gay fetishists. We discuss if there’s any common ground and value in having a mixed gender and sexuality community.

We also hear a bit about the sense of entitlement within the gay fart fetish community when it comes to the dichotomy between producers of content, so called farters, and those solely consuming, also known as sniffers. There’s an expectation in the gay fart fetish community that members should provide content as much as they take. This kind of community fart sharing really doesn’t really happen on the straight side of the fetish where everything from conversation to sessions is commodified and monetized.

Dil and I also discuss a bit about the idea of using fart videos as a form of currency on the internet as well as the difference between soft and true fart pornography. We also talk about exploitation and price gouging in the content space, sub-fetishes of eproctophilia, the importance of fetish representation to combat shame, and some of the creepy behavior that needs to be rooted out of the community for all our sakes.

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Works Referenced:

A Brief History of the Fart Community by Dil

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