Episode 10: Interview with Raz

Fart Fetish Podcast

Oct 7 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

Raz relays to us his overarching enjoyment of fart fetish deriving from virility and masculinity. He talks about a strong desire for male bonding in his youth but really only connecting with like minds in more recent years online. We discuss the difficulties of this fetish with most connections being made online and about feeling alienated due to the taboo nature of fetishes in society.

An interesting theory proposed by Raz with his research, incorporating ideas of pheromones and gut bacteria, is questioning whether fart fetish should even be considered a paraphilia. Should our internal pheromones and an attraction to them be considered abnormal? Are there a lot more people in the world hiding or lying to themselves about odd sexual things they’d enjoy exploring?

As Raz and I dig in on the smell aspect, I ask whether the more potent fart smell comes from a sign of poor diet and/or health so therefore a healthy gut would produce less smelling farts. I also spend some time pondering on our transition to people from humans as we stray further from the natural world. What is unnatural but that which society deems taboo?

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Works Referenced:

Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us by Jesse Bering

Eproctophilia is Not a Perversion or Paraphilia by R.S.

Hey Poopy Podcast by Dave & Ellen

Intro / Outro Music: Jazzy Abstract Beat by Yrii Semchyshyn from Pixabay

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