Episode 5: High Risk Behavior

Fart Fetish Podcast

May 6 2022 • 36 mins

I begin to lay down some of the foundation for information and community building with the Eproctophilia.org website and the Discord server for this podcast. And I get into a story about a somewhat humorous online Findom experience I had in allowing myself to get taken monetarily. I dive into the alienation and vulnerability that brought me to a place of such desperation and obliviousness to clear red flags. I also share about an eyebrow-raising sexual Craigslist experience I had in my virgin 20s as well as experiences I had with ProDommes including my ex-girlfriend.

I encourage more fetishists to get public to improve the perception of our fetish and I try to theorize how we can perhaps have events with fetishes in the periphery of eproctophilia. We must expand our fart fortress! As time goes on will fetish community increasingly gravitate into the metaverse in this new virtual age? I also touch on the narrowness of my own sexual enjoyment and the potential implications of that. And I get a bit personal talking about introversion, self-worth, confidence, projection, and isolation.

A post from Fetlife rhetorically asks about all women mentioning fart fetish want to sell something and I make some commentary on that reality of monetization both practically and economically. I also share some second hand information about the perceived association between eproctophilia and coprophilia in parts of the kink community. I relay some correlations and trends I’ve noticed in this fetish at this point and ask questions that perhaps in time we’ll answer on this podcast.

I remain convinced fart fetish can have a presence in the kink community at least and maybe even normalizing farting more broadly is possible. We can only know by doing it. Please join me on this journey.

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Works Referenced:

Ask Ezra Podcast by Ezra Algos

Intro Music: Basa Basa Beat by Nana Kwabena from YouTube Music Library

Outro Music: Global by Emmit Fenn from YouTube Music Library

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