Episode 4: Interview with Xandar

Fart Fetish Podcast

Apr 8 2022 • 1 hr

Xander is a voiceover and YouTube actor on to talk about the fart fetish for him as well as some of the more personal struggles he faced as a mildly autistic person with such a fetish. Together we spend a lot of time discussing an ideal world where this fetish is more widely recognized in the sexual marketplace and that there was a culture of encouragement around comfortably talking about sex, including fart fetish, more openly.

Xander also talks a bit about when he discovered this fart fetish as a result of having to raise himself through his puberty years. He shares about his bisexuality, the fetish fantasies for himself, and his hesitance to bring up the fetish with therapists. We talk about the need for some semblance of community support so all of us have somewhere to go for advice and to connect with like minds that understand and care for each other's well being. We can help ourselves not feel so lonely by simply coming together.

We discuss the fear of being shunned around this fetish but I also relay the positive experiences I’ve had in telling people I have this fetish. I try to encourage that despite the trolls and bullies, we should still be ourselves and enjoy what we like without fear. We shouldn’t have to pander to the norm of people who don’t even like or respect us. Both of us also talk a bit about our experiences working as creators in amateur video erotica and Xander relays that many of my stories, written as Closet Fetishist, were among his early erotica discoveries.

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Works Referenced:

Blonde Redhead - “Dripping” Music Video

Intro Music: Dreams Electric by Geographer from YouTube Music Library

Outro Music: Trickling Up by Godmode from YouTube Music Library

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