Episode 12: Interview with Tarik

Fart Fetish Podcast

Dec 2 2022 • 1 hr 35 mins

Tarik speaks about his experience and perspective on the fetish including a mutual enjoyment of farting and Tarik's desires to encourage farting openness with friends and partners by being the first to break the taboo barrier. We also talk about fetishist misconceptions and expectations as well as debate with whom it's right to be sharing fart fetish desires and intents.

As we dive deeper, we discuss the importance of fart fetishists controlling the conversation around this fetish, reactions in talking with non-fetishists, the diversity of enjoyment among fart fetishists, and what broad normalization of farting might look like. We ask whether it is or is not exploitation to sexually bank an experience of a friend farting around someone they didn't know was a fart fetishist. Tarik and I also theorize on if growing urbanization in Asian countries like India drive bodily functions like farting into taboo status.

Find the podcast and resources at FartFetish.info

Intro / Outro Music: Password Infinity by Evgeny Bardyuzha from Pixabay

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