Episode 11: Interview with Naomi

Fart Fetish Podcast

Nov 4 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

Naomi shares about his crossdressing desire to experience a slutty, hyper feminized version of womanhood. We talk about the interplay of hyper feminization and aspects of human dirtiness like farting as well as if a more feminized appearance of a woman makes farting more appealing to those who like taboo or not. We also ponder what feminization looks like today versus in years past, we dig deeper into his experiences and fetishes, and we ask which practice domination versus taboo is the more intimate exploration of the fetish.

We also spend some time discussing the scat fetish (coprophilia) and talk about how varied and nuanced fetishes can be. Naomi and I also share thoughts about withholding farting as an aspect of the illusion of womanhood and we question if sound is the most widely appreciated single aspect among fart fetishists. We also discuss a bit about anal sex and if that's a path to the normalization of farting. Naomi also talks about his early fascination with the anus and how that has driven his fetish evolution into farting and scat. Are we all on our own personal journey to the anus? Does farting becoming normalized kill taboo?

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Intro / Outro Music: Lofi Study by FASSounds from Pixabay

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