Episode 3: Interview with Damien

Fart Fetish Podcast

Mar 9 2022 • 46 mins

Damien gives the podcast the first glimpse into some of the differences in approach to the fart fetish between the gay and straight sides of the fetish. He talks about liking both female and male farts but having a more intense attraction to farting men as part of guy culture and a way to experience comradery. Is our orientation determined by our fetishes and sex acts alone? Damien also highlights the humor aspect of this fetish but also the importance of authenticity in that the farting situations can’t be forced.

Damien is more of a farter in this fetish and enjoys showing off his skill which is something he picked up from his father who is well known amongst family and friends for farting proudly. He talks about farting in terms of rebellion, vulnerability, and reframing past trauma. Damien also discusses some of his experiences, preferences, and related fetishes like body inflation and pants pooping.

We also hear Damien’s theory that he converted his interest in youthful horseplay and farting into a turn on for himself to maintain the connection. He also shares about his sometimes surreal upbringing and especially talks about his dad who demonstrates that farting and the attraction to it is perhaps genetic. Damien also asks whether this attraction to farts is more prevalent than people want to admit and we ponder why community seems to be stronger on the gay side of fart fetish. We also talk a bit about the need for more diverse content and how to grow this introspective sect of fart fetishists.

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