Episode 8: Interview with Jules

Fart Fetish Podcast

Aug 5 2022 • 1 hr 24 mins

Jules shares with us his experiences in talking with people in his life about the fart fetish and how those interactions went both positively and negatively for him. He also talks about his fetish with potential partners so he can better try to find what he’s seeking and ensure they know this fetish is solidly a part of his life. Jules reminds us all that much of the result often comes from how you ask for it.

We spend some time sharing our thoughts on if this fetish is inborn and talking about the normative BDSM scene. Jules mentions facesitting as fairly mainstream which hasn’t been my experience so I ask about his perspective on that and he shares some of his experiences. Would anyone deliberately choose a fart fetish given that it seems to be akin to activating Hard mode in terms of relationships?

We also talk about boundaries, monetization, and Jules shares about some of the policing that’s going on to try to clean up predatory and creepy behavior in gay fart fetish communities. He also shares about finding a bit of community in talking with creators on OnlyFans but also some of the faking and exploitation by some creators that occurs as well. Jules and I also talk about the potential benefits of having a gender and sexuality neutral fart fetish community space online to talk fetish but also the everyday stuff that we do outside of our sexuality.

In Jules’ reason for being on this episode he makes two very astute points that bear repeating here: “Figuring out your fetishes can help you figure out who you are as a person and you can trust the people in your lives and not be afraid of them getting rid of you.” These are vital to remember for all of us struggling with eproctophilia or other fetishes. Jules expresses an ease, confidence, and humor about the fetish that I think can be a strong example of how we all can be open about this fetish to the right people in our lives. Don’t let fear consume you.

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