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Is this thing on? Hi, I’m Pauline! Or also known as Pawlean. This is a podcast I created in 2020 as a creative side project in addition to everything else in my online space. I'll be sharing my thoughts on tech, careers, health, relationships and more! Also, who am I kidding? I created this podcast as an excuse to talk to some pretty cool folks as well. Grab a cuppa and tune in to my life in pixels... uh, I mean soundbites 🎧

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Is this thing on?
Aug 1 2020
3 mins
How do you become a non-tech founder in tech? A conversation with Ritika Mehta on her inspiring journey 👷‍♀️Reading my post, "Being human in the world of content creation"🏄🏻‍♀️Let's talk Open source w/ Darren - what, why and how.Unpacking "persona" / "online presence" / "personal brand" w/ Ahsana & RitujaRewiring my brain to view content creation and Instagram differentlyDealing with Imposter Syndrome w/ Sonia & PratikshaBuilding branding with Clark NarvasTaking care of yourself whilst working full-time w/ Emma from "Emma's Yoga Tribe"Paying it Forward to change the Tech industry w/ Kim, Emma & DarrenGetting into DevOps w/ Erleene, Yasmin & RahmatThank you for 1K podcast downloads! 🥳How to Survive Remote Onboarding with Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah
Did you start a new job during the pandemic? Excited for it? Yeah, same. Go you for challenging yourself!  As the days get closer to your start day, it can be quite nerve wrecking especially when you're meeting your new colleagues on a virtual Zoom call. Don't worry, those emotions are totally normal. But how do you ease the inevitable worry on your first day and your first few weeks? For today's episode, I'm joined by some of my favourite 'Techie' bloggers / Twitter friends - Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah - where we discuss surviving remote onboarding. This episode's video format can also be found on YouTube.com/PaulineNarvas.〰️Content from today's speakersRebekah (@rkulidzan)WFH tips: https://rkulidzan.com/2020/11/18/10-tips-to-manage-wellbeing-when-working-from-home/…WIL: first 6 weeks: https://rkulidzan.com/2020/12/16/what-i-learned-the-first-six-weeks/…WIL: perfectionism and goals: https://rkulidzan.com/2021/01/03/what-i-learned-perfectionism-and-goals/…5 ways to support your colleagues' MH: https://rkulidzan.com/2021/01/17/five-ways-to-support-your-colleagues-mental-health/Elle (@_elletownsend)Things I Learnt from my First 100 Days in Tech https://elletownsend.co.uk/blog/posts/first-100-days/…Starting a New Job From Home https://elletownsend.co.uk/blog/posts/starting-a-job-from-home/…Sonnie (@sonniehiles)Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely - https://sonnie.uk/blog/tips-for-starting-a-new-job-remotely…My First Three Months at TransferWise - https://sonnie.uk/blog/my-first-three-months-at-transferwise…How to Grow as a Junior Developer - https://sonnie.uk/blog/how-to-grow-as-a-junior-developer〰️Liked this episode and want to chat some more? Find me on social media!My blog: https://pawlean.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/paulienuhInstagram: https://instagram.com/paw.leanMore projects by me: https://by.pawlean.comSupport me: https://pawlean.com/support-me/ Support the show (https://pawlean.com/support-me)
Apr 2 2021
52 mins
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” An actress, I used to say. Story time: my first film 🍿My initial progress on my intentions for 2021 — “Serenity”The roles that made me who I am todayBeing imitated, copied and plagiarised — is it flattery? Inspiration vs copying.Normalising PeriodsWere our degrees worth it? with special guest Matt Burman!The value of minimalismGetting over uninspiration