Top 10 Tips For Succeeding With Your Own Clean Beauty Brand + BONUS real-life industry examples

The Clean Living Show

Feb 13 2024 • 29 mins

There’s a growing buzz of interest among clean beauty lovers to launch sustainable, vegan, non-toxic or organic beauty brands. Cassandra McClure a clean beauty strategist, steps in to offer guidance and support. Learn her top 10 essential tips for launching and growing your own clean beauty brand, based on a decade of experience and collaboration with industry companies, products and coaching. Hear examples and write down practical advice for navigating the challenges of the business of clean beauty while staying true to your mission in an ever-evolving industry. “Cassandra is such a great partner and brings forward relevant opportunities for brands that create buzz,” says Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty. “We admire her leadership in the clean beauty movement.” Joanne Starkman, founder and president of Innersense Organic Beauty, says, “Putting it in numbers, thanks to Cassandra, our consumer event attendance increased by 350% over the prior year, expanding our natural and clean hair brand reach." “My purpose is to empower women in my Clean Beauty School program reclaiming their health,” McClure says. “It is my sole duty and purpose to spread awareness about the dangers of unregulated personal care products like the ones that made me sick and empower the women that are pioneering the clean ones.” “Cassandra McClure says: “To young people looking to tap into their life purpose, Find a guide who has walked a similar path and is willing to offer support. Seeking mentors can bring focus and alleviate overwhelm. Look to successful businesses that have stood the test of time for mentorship, as joy often comes from helping others succeed. The fact is, 90% of all businesses fail. So, look to the ones that are doing well, and have been for a while...” beauty, brains and strategy; --- Send in a voice message: