Black Fatherhood Podcast with Dr. Alvin Thomas

Alvin Thomas

The myth of the “Absent Black Father” permeates American culture and adversely affects the mental health of Black men and their families. The Black Fatherhood Podcast serves to break that myth. Hosted by Dr. Alvin Thomas, clinical psychologist and Dir. of the TRYLab at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, the show offers engaging conversations with Black authors, artists, and academics on the issues (past and present) affecting Black fathers, and serves to celebrate and strengthen Black Fatherhood. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Black Fatherhood Podcast with Dr. Alvin Thomas shares insightful conversations. Alvin is a clinical psychologist and researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology. He is passionate about educating others to support Black fathers better. Alvin is also director of the Thomas Resilient Youth Lab. It explores the mental health of children and their communities. In one episode, research assistant Eric Crawford interviews Alvin himself. He asks why he created the TRYlab and the story behind his inspiring mission.

Alvin invites podcast guests to discuss the impact of historical and societal factors. Topics discussed include the meaning of fatherhood and coparenting as teamwork. Central to everything is the belief in the importance of validating Black fathers. What is the impact if communities can elevate Black fathers and their roles? What if all Black fathers need is the proper support to improve the well-being of their children?

Discussion about Black fatherhood often focuses on fathers and sons. One podcast episode explores the relationship between Black fathers and their daughters. Author David Miller discusses how fathers can support their daughters' emotional and academic needs. He believes they have a responsibility to teach them how to cope with racism and sexism in society.

Another episode focuses on the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson. What's different about this discussion is that it's not only about how he changed the boxing world. This podcast episode also examines the relationship he had with his father. Joining the conversation is actor Jamal James, who portrayed Jack in the play The Royale.

The Black Fatherhood Podcast with Dr. Alvin Thomas explores important questions and topics. Black sons, fathers, and grandfathers join to discuss the importance of Black fatherhood. Guests share their insights on everything from mental health to masculinity. It's thought-provoking and educational for all members of the community.

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