Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland

Jennifer Dyan Ghoston

Through an audio drama, episodes of thought-provoking conversations and bonus recordings, the listening audience can learn some of the issues that the adoption community face from the perspective of the adoptee.
41. Mark Hagland, a transracial and international adoptee is a published author40. David Petruzziello, an adoptee in a full circle reunion with family members39. Jean Strauss, an adoptee, published author, filmmaker and in reunion for 33 years38. Marci Purcell, an adoptee in reunion for three decades and Executive Director of Adoption Knowledge Affiliates (AKA)37. Alice Stephens, an adoptee and published author36. Sara Feigenholtz, an adoptee in reunion and an Illinois State Senator35. Sara Feigenholtz, an adoptee in reunion and an Illinois State Senator34. A reading of Chapter 2 from The Truth So Far...a detective's journey to reunite with her birth family33. Patricia Martinez Dorner, an adoptive parent, adoptee ally and a licensed professional counselor32. Ridghaus, a late discovery adoptee (LDA) in reunion, birth father dad and filmmaker31. Nomi, an adoptee and writer who is new to the adoption community30. Sydney Parkhurst, a transracial adoptee, college student and filmmaker29. Lorah Gerald, an adoptee and writer who is in reunion28. Maura Duffy, an adoptee in reunion and featured in the Jean Strauss film, "A Simple Piece of Paper"27. Astrid Castro, an adoptee and founder of Adoption Mosaic26. Wendy Libowitz, an adoptee born in NYC, adopted in New Jersey and in reunion25. Tammy Murphy, an adoptee in reunion and a writer of poetry24. Alicia Williams, an LDA (late discovery adoptee) in reunion and an adoptive parent23. Lynn Grubb, an adoptee in reunion, a published author and currently working on her memoir.22. Nancy McCaughey, a late discovery adoptee (LDA) and a writer in reunion