The Smart Money Gal - Financial Literacy for Children

The Smart Money Gal

Apr 6 2021 • 31 mins

In the most recent installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer Perri takes a different approach. April marks financial literacy month and this episode centers around the topic of communicating with your children about money.

It's important to openly talk about wealth, values, and financial success in a way that you can share it with your children and grandchildren. By utilizing the strategies outlined in this episode, you can not only teach your young ones to understand and appreciate money, but grow a stronger relationship with them while doing so.

So sit back, relax, and allow The Smart Money Gal to provide easy, helpful suggestions and resources.


00:10 - April is financial literacy month

01:15 - Offering financial literacy courses through The Smart Money Gal Academy

04:14 - The two basic, but important questions

06:58 - Simple conversation starters

09:30 - Teach your kids the ABC's of money, so they can avoid D and E

11:00 - Identify your financial values first

14:30 - Involve your kids in family discussions

18:00 - Talk about a time when you made a financial mistake

19:57 - The ABC's of investing

24:15 - The three buckets of money management

27:57 - Creating a family mission statement

29:48 - Don't be afraid to talk with your children about money

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