The Smart Money Gal - Annuities Infection Correction and Election Protection

The Smart Money Gal

Nov 17 2020 • 24 mins

After a day full of conference calls with clients, Jennifer felt compelled to launch another episode of the podcast to put some fears to bed. Given the turmoil in the market surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and the U.S. Presidential Election, many of her clients are wondering how these two factors can impact their finances.

In spending most of her career in personal finance planning, Jennifer has a particular interest in annuities. Annuities allow Jennifer and her husband to have a piece of their financial portfolio to have safety and security regardless of what is happening economically or socially in the country.

Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to put your mind at ease and offer helpful strategies to keep your finances safe during these tumultuous times.


01:26 Why annuities are important during uncertain times

05:30 - Jennifer defines annuities

08:33 - Two main reasons why your wealth manager won't mention annuities to you (even when they should!)

12:33 - Reasons to consider an annuity

17:35 - What you can expect from Jennifer during this podcast series

18:14 - and other resources Jennifer wants you to know about

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