Go the Distance for Quality | Peter Millar Chairman and CEO, Scott Mahoney

How Leaders Lead with David Novak

Dec 2 2021 • 54 mins

Scott Mahoney, the Chairman and CEO of Peter Millar, goes the distance to for quality in how he shapes the brand and develops his people. Coming up in business, it wasn’t until Scott worked at Polo that he found his love for golf and apparel sales married in an exciting career. He was inspired to buy Peter Millar during the long drive back from a USGA meeting, and moved quickly to scale the brand up. Scott leads with attention to getting things done more efficiently by getting people excited to do them. For example, knowing that Peter Millar product can only be sold once store associates put it on the floor, Scott and his team designed the shipping arrangements to be intuitive for stockroom employees to handle. He even threw a mint in the shipping box to sweeten the deal. Scott was quick to bring nearly everything in house to ensure the quality of product, marketing, promotion, finance, and production, and has taken the apparel world by storm as a result. SHOW NOTES Peter Millar then and now How Scott got into fashion and sales at Polo How the crazy idea to buy Peter Millar became reality  Turning a golf sweater company into a lifestyle brand Getting into Nordstrom and the trick to getting product from box to shelf Getting into brick and mortar Clothing the US President’s Cup golf team Building an e-commerce business with the same great quality Getting to the top and staying focused  Building a high-quality culture Lightning Round Find the tools you need to become a better leader at https://davidnovakleadership.com and https://howleaderslead.com.