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Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook

“Wise Chats: Simple Talk, Profound Wisdom” brings leading edge expertise to deep challenges faced by individuals and humanity. Our discussions will introduce you to energetic approaches to health and healing that offer practical, personal solutions. We now recognize that health is in the hands of the individual. What one does and doesn’t do maps a course for one’s life, until new behaviors are adopted. This illuminating series taps into multi-dimensional healing, and draws on ancient wisdom, as well as the latest research from diverse guests. New ways of being in the world will emerge with insights, innovations and internal shifts. Our topics include spiritual approach to health and healing for individuals, groups and families, supporting former and active members of the military and their families, individual and collective solutions to health care costs, the healing power of laughter, and more. read less
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Stand in the Light - The Power of Unconditional Love and Responsibility-  Where We Have Been… Where We Are Going
Nov 13 2013
Stand in the Light - The Power of Unconditional Love and Responsibility- Where We Have Been… Where We Are Going
Our closing show is the beginning not the end to spiritual growth. Wise Chats series has been about love and forgiveness. Its’ about how to Stand in the Light using a variety of perspectives: spiritual development, voice for hope, laughter, ethics, healing relationships, getting hooked up, life beyond life, words as healing tools, creating healing environments, ONENESS of all using spiritual cultural traditions. This episode will include a special story-telling process for “Those Who Served” in the armed forces, to help them heal. In addition, materials from other spiritual leaders I am friends with will be included: Maori Tohuna-Rose Pere-NZ, Shaman-Amelia Pandora-Peru, Sangoma-Credo Mutwa-South Africa and Buddhist teacher-Lama Surya Das-USA. I quote John Angotti As I continue on the journey of life with all of its trips, stumbles, and falls, I begin to see that there are two ways to approach this walk. One is to follow the existing trends, the status quo… The other is to close my eyes and envision what could be…to see what the final picture looks like and then figure out how to get there…to see a world that gets it, that understands that the way to peace is through love and forgiveness... I hope these shows have helped you get it. Blessings and love to all. Mary Jo Opening song “Stand in the Light and “I Send You Out on a Mission of Love closing song used with permission from John Angotti