X marks the spot

The A to Z of Happiness

Feb 12 2024 • 35 mins

Accepting where we are in life and finding meaning in our circumstances can lead to greater happiness and fulfilment. We’re always presented with opportunities to reframe our perspective and embrace the present moment, even when faced with challenges. And incorporating love and kindness into our actions and interactions will have a positive impact on ourselves and those around us.

In this episode, Anya and Mark explore the symbolism of the letter X and discuss the concept of being exactly where you're supposed to be. They delve into the idea of acceptance and finding meaning in difficult circumstances, as well as bringing love into what you do.

Three prompts

  1. What if you're exactly where you're supposed to be right now?
  2. How can you bring more love into what you do?
  3. What small action may bring you huge benefits?


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