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Hit With a Stick | John H. Walton | Episode 14
Sep 6 2023
Hit With a Stick | John H. Walton | Episode 14
Unraveling biblical narratives can feel like an arduous task, but imagine having esteemed guest, John Walton guide you through the fascinating intricacies of biblical and hermeneutical literacy.Don’t know what hermeneutical literacy means? Great! Neither did we…But here at ATC we are not afraid to admit what we don’t know , and that’s a lot.Allow John to demystify the key difference between knowing the names, places and trivia - biblical literacy - and understanding how to extract the underlying message from this content - hermeneutical literacy. In this ATC Episode:• Find your curiosity piqued as we delve into the profound narrative of Genesis, examining the roles of its characters and the gifted narrator who weaves their stories into a grand narrative that unveils God's message.• Hear Grant completely goof a question around the 22min mark• We take a closer look at the challenges faced by Abraham and Sarah, we explore how their experiences add depth to the overarching themes of land, family, and blessing. • Discern whether we can find God's message within their trials and triumphs. This intriguing discussion provides fresh perspectives on the role of the narrator, encouraging listeners to approach the Bible as God's story and treat it with respect and integrity.Tune in as we round out the conversation by discussing the application of biblical authority and how to navigate the Bible's grand narrative. What does it mean to use the grand narrative to understand and participate in God's story? Are we misinterpreting the Bible by pulling out principles for our own lives, or are we simply on a journey to extract God's truth from the text? Connect with John:Buy his new book! espoused by the guests of ATC are not necessarily the beliefs and convictions of ATC. That said the intent of our podcast is to listen, remain curious and never fear failure In the discovery life giving truth. Many people we ardently disagree with have been our greatest teachers.Support the show