John Moletress

Reconnecting to this life, one episode at a time... John (they/them) has reached out to people who have impacted their life—friends, ex-boyfriends, mentors, teachers, family, and chosen family—to ask them “would you give me an hour of your time for a conversation?” I Miss You is like listening in on a private phone call. Moving from Philadelphia to New York City to London to Los Angeles to Atlanta to Denver, John has met a lot of interesting and creative people along the way. Some of them appear on this podcast, intimate and unfiltered.
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Feb 8 2021
8 mins
Episode 23: A codaEpisode 22: RebeccaEpisode 21: SaraCHAT ROOM: The Big 20Episode 20: JeffEpisode 19: SaraEpisode 18: Liam & NicEpisode 17: JossEpisode 16: MaidaCHAT ROOM: BottomlessEpisode 15: KevinEpisode 14: EJEpisode 13: MatthewEpisode 12: LesterCHAT ROOM: Dating, againEpisode 11: MichaelCHAT ROOM: Moving/ReleasingEpisode 10: HarryEpisode 9: ChrisEpisode 8: Ben