f*cking sober: the first 90 days

Somehow9am Productions & Katie Mack

An unflinching serialized 8-episode semi-comedic mostly nonfictional narrative podcast about the first 90 days of being f*cking sober. Featuring music & voices by artists in recovery. SEASON 1: ANITA (written by Katie Mack) Anita Drake counts 1 to 90 days without alcohol immersing herself in the awkward world of sobriety & what it means to grow the f*ck up. SEASON 2: BETSY (written by Kimberly Kearns) Betsy takes us to the suburbs during the pandemic as she tries to be a perfect mother & wife all while trying to get f*cking sober. Produced by Katie MACK #odaat www.fckingsoberpodcast.com read less