Cobra Vs. Raw Deal (Ep. 0037)

Movie Wars

Jan 10 2023 • 57 mins

Is there a better way to kick off the New Year than another epic Arnold Vs. Sly battle? At the time of their release, 1986's Cobra and Raw Deal were considered regressions for the 80's action kings. However, Cobra has amassed a large cult following that has solidified it as a fan favorite. The story behind the funding of Raw Deal gave Arnold all the ammunition he needed to parlay a deal leading to his leading role in Total Recall. You can't miss this episode if you enjoy fraught productions, disgruntled actors, misplaced directors, and prime 80's action. Crime is the disease, and Movie Wars is the cure.

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Film Summaries:


Los Angeles policeman Lt. Marion "Cobra" Cobretti (Sylvester Stallone) finds himself at the center of a spate of murders carried out by a secret society called New Order: killers who select "weak" members of society for extermination. As the murder rate rises, Cobra takes model Ingrid (Brigitte Nielsen) into protective custody after she witnesses New Order's leader in action. As Cobra falls for Ingrid, they find shelter in a small town, but must soon fight for survival.

  • Rating: R
  • Genre: action, Mystery & Thriller, Crime, Drama
  • Original Language:
  • English
  • Director: George P. Cosmatos
  • Producer:Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus
  • Writer: Sylvester Stallone
  • Release Date (Streaming):
  • Jul 3, 2001
  • Box Office (Gross USA):
  • $47.5M
  • Runtime:
  • 1h 23m

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Raw Deal

When efforts to prosecute mob boss Luigi Patrovita (Sam Wanamaker) are repeatedly derailed thanks to a mole in the FBI, the only choice is to bring in an outsider -- specifically, Mark Kaminsky (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a disgraced agent who leaps at a chance for reinstatement. After FBI chief Shannon (Darren McGavin) gives him his orders, Kaminsky fakes his death and reemerges as an ex-con named Brenner. Undercover and accountable to no one, the former Fed tears up the mob from the inside.

  • Rating: R
  • Genre: Action
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: John Irvin
  • Producer: Martha De Laurentiis
  • Writer:
  • Gary DeVore, Norman Wexler
  • Release Date (Theaters): Jun 6, 1986 Original
  • Release Date (Streaming): Nov 7, 2006
  • Box Office (Gross USA): $14.8M
  • Runtime: 1h 45m

(Complements of Rotten Tomatoes